Our goal as a practice of dedicated team members is to have a positive impact on the way you understand what affects your oral health. We believe that by educating Andin forming our patients about their individual genes, facial anatomy, and oral habits, they can make the best decision regarding their care. To ensure a life-time healthy results, we do not compromise our materials at any cost. We are Metal-free office, meaning we do not place silver fillings, and our crowns are either Emax or Zirconia. We use triple-filtered water and recycle to do our part being Green.

Our team is continuously working on small details together to better improve our service and your experience. Details are important to us and we know gestures of kindness make difference in our patients’ life. We appreciate all of the trust we’ve received over the years and the wonderful referrals from our patients families and friends!
Karina P
Clear Aligners
"Opting for clear aligners at Laguna Dental and Orthodontics was a game-changer. Dr. Bigdeli's expertise and the discreet treatment have given me a smile I proudly flaunt!"
Felix N
Deep Teeth Cleaning
"My experience with deep teeth cleaning at Laguna Dental was outstanding. Dr. Bigdeli was thorough and ensured I was comfortable throughout. My gums feel healthier than ever!"
Nathan P
Dental Inlays & Onlays
"Dr. Bigdeli's recommendation of onlays for my molars was spot on! The treatment at Laguna Dental and Orthodontics transformed my dental health."
Tara O
Tooth-colored Fillings
"I had my old silver fillings replaced by Dr. Bigdeli with tooth-colored ones, and they look fantastic. It's like I never had cavities!"
Lucia T
Periodontal Surgery
"Facing periodontal surgery was daunting, but Dr. Bigdeli and her team at Laguna Dental made it seamless. The care, expertise, and results were beyond my expectations."


We believe in quality dentistry at affordable prices for everyone. When you get treated at our office we want you to be confident in the durability of our work. For that reason, we have developed a Limited Dental Warranty. We want you to trust the quality of our restorations and the investment you’ve made. To learn more or know about our warranty details call our office or click the details button below: